Architect Negligence

Sometimes, when construction defects arise on a project, it's not the result of inadequate construction means and methods but improper design or specifications. When the design and specifications are prepared by an architect on the project, they must meet certain minimum standards known as the standard of care. If an architect does not meet the standard of care and this breach results in damages to the owner or contractor (and sometimes even the public at large), the architect will be liable under professional negligence or malpractice laws.

Inadequate design can lead to structural failures as well as unsafe environments. Our attorneys have handled claims involving architect malpractice and professional negligence for decades. We have both pursued and defended architect malpractice claims including defect claims as well as personal injury cases resulting in or as a result of architectural negligence. If you are an architect and would like to discuss a potential liability claim, or if you believe that you have been damaged as a result of architect negligence, contact Warner, Sechrest and Butts.