Complex Construction Claim Attorneys

If you are involved in a complex construction claim, you need reliable, experienced representation. Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A., a prestigious construction law firm in Gainesville, FL, is ready to represent your best interests during even the biggest or toughest construction claims.

What Constitutes "Complex" Construction Claims?

Just as its name implies, complex construction claims are challenging, taxing and tedious to everyone involved. Unlike typical construction claims arising from common construction issues, complex construction claims are uniquely difficult to manage because numerous interests and expenses are at stake. 

Complex construction claims are often classified by having:

  • More than 20 participating parties (with conflicting perspectives, opinions, and attitudes toward the construction project)
  • Millions of dollars in claims
  • Construction contract disputes

If you are involved in a complex construction claim, it is best that you rely on the expertise of our construction lawyers, however, there are several options that you may wish to consider to handle the unique position that you may be in.

Options Available to Participating Parties

If you are involved in a complex construction claim, there are several options available to you.

  1. Go to trial. Complex construction claims are difficult cases. As a result, many participating parties choose to file lawsuits and take their claims to court. Going to trial for a compex construction claim involves expensive fees and often delays the completion of a construction project. However, allowing the courts to get involved typically results in favorable outcomes. A Gainesville attorney can help you evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of going to trial, and help you reach a decision.
  2. Rely on an arbitrator or mediator. Many parties choose an arbitrator or a mediator to handle complex construction claims. With careful guidance and mandatory sessions from professionals, arbitrators and mediators are alternative solutions to hostile construction claims. Again, construction lawyers can help you decide the most appropriate option.
  3. Negotiate with the contract. Depending on the severity of the complex construction claims, many participating parties choose to simply review the contract, make amendments as necessary, and negotiate with each other to reach a solid conclusion in which all parties make sacrifices and gain rewards.

Benefits of Mediation

The construction field is very large. Yet, the network of construction professionals is fairly small. In other words, people involved in the construction field are likely to cross paths more than once, often working together on a myriad of projects. Therefore, it is essential to foster healthy relationships with other professionals.

Complex construction claims can undeniably place a significant burden on any given relationship. Going to trial may only lead to further damage of the relationship, often resulting in irreconcilable differences. Mediation, however, is an alternative form of dealing with complex construction claims. It allows conflicting parties to attend ongoing sessions with trained professionals in efforts to reach a solution. Not only is the mediation process confidential and beneficial to individuals wishing to preserve working friendships, but it is also cost effective (especially considering the debts that many construction projects accrue due to delays and conflicts).

If you are interested in the mediation process for a complex construction claim, you should contact an experienced construction law attorney in Gainesville, FL.

Certified Construction Attorneys in Gainesville, FL

At Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A., you can trust that our experienced construction law and litigation attorneys can guide you through a complex construction claim. Our attorney, Michael Sechrest, is board certified in both construction law and civil law, making him an expert in the fields. Further, attorney Robert Butts is board-certified in construction law and is also certified as a general contractor in Florida. He has numerous years of experience handling claims involving corporate companies and business disputes. The combined skills and knowledge of our legal professionals enable our clients to reach successful outcomes during complex construction claims, often resulting in thousands, even millions, of dollars in settlements.  

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