Engineering Negligence Attorneys

Sometimes, when construction defects arise on a project, it's not the result of inadequate construction means and methods but improper design or specifications. When the design and specifications are prepared by an engineer on the project, they must meet certain minimum standards known as the standard of care.

If an engineer does not meet the standard of care and this breach results in damages to the owner or contractor (and sometimes even the public at large), the engineer will be liable under professional negligence or malpractice laws.

An Engineer’s Role In A Construction Project

Engineers work in four discipline areas — civil and structural, and electrical and mechanical. Civil and structural engineers work at a construction site on all aspects of design and supervise the ongoing building. They generally work closely with the architects and project owner to make sure the project finishes on budget and on time.

Electrical and mechanical engineers supervise the installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical and mechanical systems. These engineers may be involved sporadically during and after the project is completed.

Types Of Engineering Malpractice

Engineers working on or with a construction project are considered design professionals and therefore held to a higher duty of care due to their engineering expertise. Malpractice can occur in a variety of forms and situations, such as:

  • Defective design;
  • Underestimated or overbilled costs & expenses;
  • Lack of compliance with building codes, permitting & zoning requirements;
  • Misrepresentation or omission of fact;
  • Inadequate site supervision; and
  • Unreasonable delays which cause financial damages.

The engineering malpractice attorneys with Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A. apply years of construction law experience and a first-hand understanding of the construction industry to each case. To schedule a consultation, contact our law firm today.

Breached Duty Of Care

The duty of care an engineer owes to the construction project requires them to use reasonable care. This duty is breached when another person is harmed by the engineer’s negligent, wanton, and/or reckless behavior — essentially the failure of reasonable care. To show a breached duty of care, it must be proved a duty existed and that it was breached. Many engineer negligence claims hinge on a breached duty of care an engineer owed to a construction project but failed to deliver.

When Can An Engineer Be Held Liable?

Engineers may be held liable in many situations that result in a financial loss to the owner. Conversely, an engineer may be liable if the health and safety of building occupants are jeopardized by a building deemed structurally unsafe. But inadequate engineering doesn’t always equate negligence which is why it’s important to contact a construction law attorney in Gainesville with Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A. Our attorneys review and research a situation to determine whether liability falls to the engineer or another party involved in the project.

Board-Certified Construction Lawyers

If you decide to pursue an engineering malpractice claim, it’s important to have the assistance of a board-certified construction lawyer. When a lawyer attains this certification, it means they have met rigorous standards set by the Florida Bar. These standards include substantial involvement in and complete continuing education in construction law. At Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A., several of our construction litigation attorneys are board-certified. Their experience and certification mean thorough preparation and comprehensive representation in every engineering negligence case.  

Engineering Malpractice Attorneys In Gainesville, FL

Inadequate engineering can lead to structural failures as well as unsafe environments. Our attorneys have handled claims involving engineering malpractice and professional negligence for decades. We have both pursued and defended engineering malpractice claims including defect claims as well as personal injury cases resulting in or as a result of engineering mishaps. If you are an engineer and need to discuss a potential liability claim or if you believe that you have been damaged as a result of engineering negligence, contact Warner, Sechrest and Butts, P.A.