Law Firm FAQs

Information on Our Florida Construction Law Firm

Can I review a video about your firm’s services?

We do not have any available videos regarding our law firm in Gainesville, FL for your review. However, we welcome you to explore our site to gather information on our attorneys and services. To learn more about our construction law firm, visit here.

You also have the opportunity to speak to one of our attorneys in Gainesville during a free initial case evaluation.

Will a lawyer benefit my case?

Absolutely. Legal representation will make a significant difference on the success of your case. You will have a professional to represent you during court proceedings, negotiations, and private meetings with opposing parties. You will obtain a greater insight on the legal process as it pertains to your unique case, as well as what to expect during the process. Lawyers have the skills, wisdom and resources necessary to investigate your case and compile meaningful evidence in support of your case. With a lawyer’s services, your case has a greater chance of being successful.

What type of questions should I ask an attorney?

Before deciding to hire a Gainesville lawyer, you should be informed and clear of how the process will work between the two of you. Inquire about your attorney’s preferred method of communication, especially in the event that an emergency or sudden movement in your case arises. You should also ask about your lawyer’s strategy for addressing the case and what you should be able to expect. Lastly, ask about your attorney’s costs and methods of payment.

Must I meet you at your office?

Not necessarily. While we usually do schedule meetings with our clients in our office, we are able to make compromises to meet your needs. Contact us if meeting regularly at our office becomes a problem.

Does my specific incident require the services of an attorney?

Visit our Florida construction law firm for a free initial case evaluation so that we may provide you with guidance on your case. The truth is that not all incidents require the services of an attorney. However, all incidents have a greater chance of working within your favor with legal guidance and representation. Refusing to hire an attorney may not necessarily harm your case, but opting to hire an attorney will significantly help you.

How much will your services cost?

Most of the cases we select are based on a contingency basis. We will represent you free of charge. If and once we are successful with your case, we will deduct a portion of your settlement award for compensation of our services.

For more information on how our law firm operates, do not hesitate to give us a call.