Slow / Nonpayment of Construction Draws

Construction Law Attorneys to Help Mitigate Payment Legal Issues 

Slow payment or nonpayment of construction draws is one of the most common bases for disputes in the construction industry. Payment is the lifeblood of contractors and subcontractors, and lack of funds can lead to business disasters. Many times the domino effect of slow payment can cause other projects to be impacted as well.

Lien claims and bond claims only lead to worse results for the contractor and can limit bonding capacity and claims under the indemnity agreement once the surety gets involved.

The contracts should be drafted to adequately deal with disputes in a reasonable and prompt manner.

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Warner, Sechrest and Butts, P.A. uses our vast experience to mitigate payment legal issues. Our firm handles all aspects of payment disputes, lien and surety issues, including surety subrogation/salvage, contract review and drafting, nonpayment claims, lien claims, bond claims, GIA disputes, delay & impact claims, defective work claims, surety and owner defense, and construction business formation and licensing issues.