Tips for Dealing with Construction Disputes

A construction project is more than a series of steps to a final result. It’s a series of intertwined relationships between any number of contractors, subcontractors, property owners, and other stakeholders. Because there are so many people involved in the process, disputes sometimes emerge. When this happens, the construction lawyers in Gainesville with Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A. have a few tips for dealing with construction disputes.

Speak With The Other Party

Sometimes you can resolve a construction dispute simply by speaking with the other party. Discussion may bring up information either party wasn’t aware of or hadn’t considered. If you’re able to reach a satisfactory resolution between yourselves, the project won’t be halted and everyone will save time and money otherwise spent on legal counsel.

Document, Document, Document

Even the most innocuous correspondence should be kept as part of your records. There are many items to keep for records, such as:

  • Meeting notes, including dates and times
  • Blueprints
  • Job site details, including photos
  • Emails, memos, and other correspondence

Create an ongoing record system for this information and make sure it’s kept as up-to-date as possible. Should you need to contact a Florida construction lawyer with Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A., the documentation on hand will be helpful for your case.

Contact A Gainesville Construction Attorney

Construction projects rely on specifics and details and when a dispute arises, it’s often because of these two things. That’s why you want to contact a Gainesville construction attorney instead of an attorney who is experienced in legal matters, but not the ins and outs of the construction industry. At Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A. you’ll speak with a board-certified construction attorney who handles disputes for public and private construction projects.

What To Expect During The Dispute

Every construction dispute is different as every project is different. That said, there are a few things to expect during a dispute regardless of the project. A construction law attorney with Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A. is experienced in handling construction dispute cases using an alternative dispute method such as mediation or arbitration, or litigation should the case need a trial. Each case starts with a thorough review of the facts before any dispute resolution begins.


Mediation uses a third-party, such as a retired judge or outside construction attorney, to mediate the dispute and find a satisfactory settlement between the parties. The settlement decision isn’t binding for either party during mediation.


In arbitration, the decision reached by the third-party arbiter is legally binding. A decision or settlement is determined after hearing from both parties, similar to mediation.


If the case needs litigation, a Gainesville construction attorney with Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A. will help you navigate the process. Our attorneys have represented clients at state and federal levels in construction disputes with many successful outcomes.

Construction Lawyers in Gainesville

Construction disputes can bring a project of any size to a halt overnight, putting it off schedule and costing everyone more money than was planned for. If you’re unable to find a resolution to a construction dispute on your own, contact a construction attorney Gainesville, FL companies and contractors can trust with Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A. Our firm has several attorneys who specialize in construction law and bring years of experience to each case. We’ve represented both sides of disputes with many satisfactory resolutions. Get your construction project back on schedule and contact our firm today!