Construction Law Attorney

Board-Certified Construction & Trial Lawyers

Trial and Arbitration in the area of Construction Law requires special expertise. Many lawyers have never been in trial or arbitration and don't have an understanding of the rules of procedure and evidence that is required for Construction Litigation. The construction law attorneys of Warner, Sechrest and Butts, PA are experienced in all phases and methods of dispute resolution. We have tried cases and arbitrated cases involving millions of dollars, and in some cases, just presenting evidence lasted several weeks.

What Is Construction Litigation & Arbitration?

Construction Litigation is the process of going through the the judicial system to resolve a dispute with a trial before a judge or jury.

Arbitration is the process of using paid fact finders, known as arbitrators, to hear evidence and rule upon dispute. Oftentimes arbitration is required by the construction contract documents. For example, many American Institute of Architects (AIA) form contracts provide for the arbitration of disputes among the various parties to a construction dispute.

Construction Dispute Representation You Can Count On

Our construction trial lawyers are experienced in Trial, Arbitration and Mediation in all areas of construction, including defect cases, payment disputes, professional negligence or malpractice, contract claims, delay claims and any other dispute in the construction industry.

Michael Sechrest, one of the firm's partners, is not only board certified in construction law but he is also certified in the area of civil trial. This designates Mr. Sechrest as an expert or specialist in trying cases. This experience makes him best suited to handle large cases involving multiple parties.

Robert Butts has tried and arbitrated many cases as well and has achieved multi-million dollar verdicts thanks to his skills as a licensed general contractor and an experienced trial attorney.

If you would like to speak to a construction defect lawyer or construction attorney for any legal issue, please contact our office. We handle cases on an hourly basis; and for larger cases and claims, we may take your case on a contingency fee under certain conditions.